The Future

December 23, 2020

If you’ve been following the news lately—and who hasn’t?—you likely realize that two recent developments are about to affect our immediate future. First, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are out, it’s effective, and we’ll soon have the option of being inoculated against the coronavirus. Second, we have a President-Elect who believes in science, safety, and the general well being of the populace. Both of these facts suggest that 2021 will be a year of recovery and a return to normalcy. We’ll be able to go out again, see loved ones and our extended circle of friends, family, and associates, go to movie theatres, and resume working in offices with colleagues.

And that’s great. But there’s one potential drawback—if you’ve been considering cosmetic surgery, your window to get the treatment and have a smooth recovery without social downtime is about to close. And so the time is now—instead of putting it off for later, book the cosmetic treatment or surgery you’ve been longing for right now. If you get surgery now, you’ll soon be able to take your mask off, socialize, and revel in your new and uplifted body. 2020 has been one of the worst years in recent memory—but you can still make the most of it.

The pandemic-driven surge in demand for cosmetic treatments

When the pandemic first started, most surgeons and aestheticians were concerned about the future of the beauty industry… because who would opt for cosmetic procedures in the middle of a global pandemic? But they were wrong—the demand for cosmetic surgeries, like facelifts and rhinoplasties, surged because people realized they could make the cosmetic adjustments they wanted without worrying about social or professional downtime. The demand for facial procedures was also bolstered by the rising use of FaceTime, Zoom, and other virtual meeting venues.

And now that the pandemic is turning a corner, we’re seeing a similar trend again. Individuals who had been considering cosmetic surgeries are rushing to their nearest surgical practices to discuss their treatment options. Once life goes back to “normal”, you might not have the same amount of time and freedom to recover from more complex surgeries. 

The pandemic is the best time for cosmetic surgeries

The following are the reasons why the pandemic is the best time for cosmetic surgeries:

  1. No Social Downtime: Facelifts, tummy tucks, and other surgical procedures typically involve some social downtime. You usually must take time off from your work and regular social activities to stay at home or in your hotel to heal and recover. Even once you resume your normal activities, the treatment scars may make it more evident that you’ve had work done. However, the pandemic allows you to recover without anyone being any wiser.
  2. Masks & Social Distancing: Since we’re all wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, you can easily conceal certain marks and bruises that may result from certain surgical procedures or skincare and injectable treatments. 

Book your cosmetic surgery NOW

Seize the moment—contact us to discuss your treatment options and plan your procedures. Stay safe, be well, and we hope to see you soon. Our stringent safety protocols will allow you to get the treatments of your choice with total peace of mind.