Skin Tightening

One of the hallmarks of a youthful appearance is smooth, firm skin, lending sculpted contours to the face and body.

On the other hand, we associate loose, sagging skin with age. Factors like pregnancy and weight loss can also contribute to stretched skin that doesn’t bounce back. 

If time, sun damage, childbirth, or weight loss have left you with skin laxity and sagging on your face or body, we offer numerous treatments to help. Two of our most popular skin-tightening treatments are FaceTite and Forma RF. We also offer several surgical and non-surgical procedures for skin laxity and specific areas of sagging.

Learn More About Skin Tightening

Using a small probe inserted under the skin and a head that passes over it, this innovative technology delivers radiofrequency energy to contract connective tissue, stimulate collagen production, and coagulate fat. FaceTite and AccuTite require only local anesthesia and tiny incisions, so there’s little to no downtime.

Like FaceTite, Forma uses radiofrequency energy to tighten the skin and increase collagen production. This treatment is non-invasive, so you won’t have any incisions or downtime.

Many patients can improve mild skin laxity with microneedling, especially RF microneedling treatments like Morpheus8. These minimally invasive procedures use tiny needles to trigger a healing response that increases collagen production.

For a minimally invasive alternative to facelift surgery, we may recommend Dr. Rapaport’s Trifecta procedure. Depending on the patient’s needs, the Trifecta combines Morpheus8 microneedling, FaceTite, and liposuction to sculpt and tighten facial contours.

The innovative Ellacor® micro-coring treatment uses tiny needles to remove cores of skin less than half a millimeter wide. The punctures are small enough to begin healing immediately. This strategic, minimally invasive skin removal creates smoother, tighter skin and increases collagen production.

Skin sagging often affects particular areas of the body soonest and most noticeably. In the face, some patients notice drooping in the eye area or forehead first, while others see it in the cheeks and jawline. In the body, sagging is common in the upper arms, breasts, or abdomen, especially after weight loss or pregnancy. 

Patients with significant facial or body skin laxity may benefit most from a surgical lifting procedure. Our board-certified surgeons offer the following skin-tightening procedures:

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