miraDry is an excellent solution for those who are bothered by underarm sweat that may make them uncomfortable at work or in social situations.  Are you tired of dry cleaning bills related to smell and even needing to throw away shirts with armpit stains? Are you concerned about the long-term safety of chemical deodorants made with aluminum?

If you are answering yes to more of these questions than you’d like, then it may be time to consider miraDry® at Rapaport Plastic Surgery. We are proud to be NYC’s leading miraDry® provider and within the top 10 providers nationally.

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The medical name for excessive sweating is hyperhidrosis. If you have underarm hyperhidrosis, you’ve probably tried a long list of antiperspirants and deodorants to manage the problem. You may have a closet full of undershirts and underarm pads to absorb sweat. Unfortunately, most people with hyperhidrosis find that over-the-counter treatments are ineffective, and managing their condition remains a daily inconvenience.

Excessive sweating has a few different causes. In many cases, it is genetic, passed down the family tree. In other situations, it may be a reaction to a health issue like an endocrine disorder, an infection, a spinal cord problem, or a neurological deficiency. These cases may require additional treatment for the medical condition causing hyperhidrosis. However, in most cases, hyperhidrosis itself can be effectively treated with miraDry®.

Almost anyone with excessive underarm sweating is a good candidate for miraDry®. You do not need an official hyperhidrosis diagnosis to receive this treatment. MiraDry® may also benefit individuals sensitive to ingredients in antiperspirants or deodorants who need a different solution for normal underarm sweating and odor. It’s also a more effective alternative to neurotoxins (like Botox® or Dysport®) for hyperhidrosis, which typically lasts for a few months.

Excessive sweating happens when the glands that regulate body temperature grow overactive. This can happen during the daytime or in the evening and in several different parts of the body, from the armpits to the face, hands, or feet. Hyperhidrosis can cause significant discomfort, embarrassment, and frustration, as it tends to manifest during everyday social and professional situations when we would much rather remain dry and confident.

miraDry® targets hyperhidrosis at its roots: overactive sweat glands. The innovative technology focuses energy pulses under the skin’s surface where the glands producing sweat and odor reside. This thermal energy destroys the sweat glands, eliminating sweat and odor in the area. 

Here are some of the benefits that make miraDry® popular:

  • A lasting solution to underarm sweating and odor
  • Safe, effective, and FDA-cleared
  • Short, in-office procedure
  • Little to no downtime or discomfort
  • Non-surgical and no scars
  • Eliminate safety concerns associated with chemical-based deodorants
  • 80% of patients need only one session
  • Clinical studies show a high percentage of patient satisfaction

Patients should shave their underarms four to six days before the procedure. The slight hair growth when you undergo treatment will help us identify the area to treat. Wear a loose-fitting top for easy access to your underarms, and don’t apply deodorant or antiperspirant on the day of treatment.

A miraDry® treatment takes approximately one hour. Patients receive an injection of numbing medication into the treatment area so they remain comfortable during the procedure. Your provider then uses the specially designed handheld device to deliver powerful, focused energy waves, destroying sweat glands through thermolysis.

There is almost zero downtime with Miradry. Most clients return to work and normal activities within 24 hours of treatment, although you should postpone vigorous exercise for one to three days. The day after the procedure, you may experience mild discomfort. For this reason, Dr. Rapaport offers long-acting local anesthesia to nearly eliminate this discomfort. Patients can also use ice packs and pain medication to manage swelling and tenderness.

Some swelling in the armpits is normal and should subside within two to three weeks on average. Occasionally, patients feel tingling or numbness in the underarms, but these symptoms will also resolve shortly. There may be some lumps or bumps in the armpits after the procedure, but these generally disappear in four to six weeks.

Results with Miradry are powerful and immediate. Once the sweat glands are removed, they do not grow back. Thus, excessive underarm sweat becomes a thing of the past. Although miraDry® will be effective after just one session in 80% of patients, outcomes vary from client to client, and a second treatment may be required in 20% of cases. Most patients achieve permanent sweat reduction after one treatment.

With technology similar to laser hair removal, miraDry® treatments may also reduce underarm hair. Patients often find that they can shave less frequently after miraDry®.
Your body will still perspire naturally, and miraDry® does not affect body temperature regulation. Since the underarms contain only 2% of our body’s total sweat glands, patients do not experience increased sweat production in other areas of the body.

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