Breast Implant Revision

Breast implant revision offers a solution for women looking to re-do or improve a prior breast augmentation result. Board-certified plastic surgeon David P. Rapaport, MD, offers this breast enhancement procedure at his Manhattan plastic surgery facility. Patients from NYC and worldwide seek his expertise in breast enhancement and implant revision.

Dr. Rapaport frequently sees patients who are dissatisfied with their augmentation or have developed one or more complications from a breast augmentation (breast implant) surgery performed by another plastic surgeon. He works with each patient’s unique needs to correct complications and achieve a better aesthetic result.

*Individual results may vary.

Learn More About Breast Implant Revision

Patients may desire breast implant revision surgery for many reasons. One common reason is that they want a larger or smaller breast augmentation. A change in implant size is generally a quick, simple revision procedure.

Another reason for a revision procedure is a problem with the breast implant position. Implants may have been placed too high from the beginning or become high over time due to capsular contracture. Similarly, implants may be placed too far to the side or migrate over time to these positions.

An undesirable breast implant “feel” may also be a reason for wanting breast implant revision surgery. Saline implants create sharper ripples because the salt water filling them is less viscous than a gel. While a saline implant may provide an excellent augmentation in a woman with adequate breast tissue and body fat, ripples may be noticeable if there is not enough tissue covering the implant, and a revision may be desired. 

Gummy bear implants have become more popular in recent years because they claim to have a much lower incidence of capsular contracture. However, there is a trade-off involved. All gummy bear implants feel much firmer than natural breasts and do not move as a natural breast would when the woman moves. Furthermore, if the implant is not round but shaped, there is the added risk of implant rotation within the body, which can create a visible deformity. Some women who have breast augmentation with gummy bear implants choose to have them replaced for these reasons.

The first step when considering breast implant revision is to diagnose the problem. Dr. Rapaport will make these determinations during a consultation and physical examination. He insists on frank, open communication from the start and aims to educate and inform his clients as much as possible. He is especially sensitive to the clients who may feel disillusioned, having already had one augmentation procedure that they were not happy with. For this reason, he takes an uncommon amount of time to explain every aspect of the revision and allow the client to voice their questions and concerns.

Changing the size of implants, switching saline for silicone implants, or replacing poorly placed implants is fairly simple. However, in cases involving capsular contracture, the revision surgery will only be successful in the long term if it addresses the contracture and takes steps to prevent it from recurring. Similarly, suppose an implant has migrated downward because the patient’s tissues did not provide enough support over time. In that case, the revision surgery must provide additional support so the problem will not recur. These procedures will be more complex.

In cases where internal sutures are not supportive enough, Dr. Rapaport will introduce a supporting layer surgically. There are a variety of materials available for providing support to breast implants. These include Alloderm, derived from human skin, and Galaflex, a synthetic woven material that is replaced by natural connective tissue over time.

Implant revision surgery is performed under general anesthesia and often takes several hours, depending on the extent of maneuvers and modifications required. If there is extensive scarring to be removed, or a mastopexy (breast lift) is required simultaneously, the procedure may take longer. Employing implanted scaffolding to help support the implant may also take additional time.
Dr. Rapaport offers scarless breast augmentation using an endoscopic technique, and some revision procedures may also be available with this method. Otherwise, he will likely make incisions in the breast crease.

Recovery from breast implant revision will vary based on the nature of the surgery and the patient’s healing rate. Most patients can return to normal activities within two weeks, though simpler procedures may require less downtime. It may take a few weeks to resume strenuous activities and exercise. Out-of-town patients will receive precise information when planning their procedure regarding how soon they can return home.

Patients can expect some bruising, swelling, and discomfort during recovery. Dr. Rapaport will create a detailed aftercare plan that addresses when to resume exercise, details about bathing and sleeping, and how to properly care for your new breasts. Staying out of the sun is important, as with all cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Rapaport’s painstakingly detailed mindset is ideal for producing precise, careful results that correct problems such as implant rippling, rupture, capsular contracture, shifting, removal, and implant size. He is dedicated to ensuring that each client receives outstanding care and personalized attention, especially when they have been previously disappointed by other surgical journeys.

Once swelling and bruising subside, patients will start to appreciate their improved breasts. Many women feel more confident after the procedure and even find their bras fit better. Well-placed implants can last a decade or longer.

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