Facial Volume Loss

While we may seek fat reduction in areas of our body, a certain amount of soft fullness in the face is actually desirable for a rejuvenated appearance.

Sufficient facial volume provides proportionately round cheeks and smooth contours, preventing an angular or gaunt look that tends to make us appear angry, aged, or tired. Unfortunately, we often lose facial volume with age or weight loss. You may notice thin lips, tear troughs, or hollow areas around your cheeks or temples.

Learn More About Facial Volume Loss

The primary cause of facial volume loss is age. Over time, the skin becomes thinner, and facial fat diminishes. These changes tend to go hand-in-hand with skin laxity and wrinkles. Though age is the main culprit, other factors can contribute to volume loss. 

Your skin thins and sags as it loses collagen, an essential fiber that gives it structure and elasticity. Our bodies naturally produce less collagen as we age. However, lifestyle and environmental factors can also worsen the decline of collagen. Smoking and sun damage break down collagen fibers, whereas a healthy lifestyle and good skincare habits can help promote collagen production. 

Collagen loss and the resulting signs of aging occur throughout the face but are often most noticeable in specific areas. Many people notice under-eye hollows, hollow temples, thin lips, and deflated or sunken cheeks.

Preventing age is impossible, but you can minimize collagen loss with certain lifestyle choices. Protecting yourself from sun exposure and wearing sunscreen can drastically improve your skin’s health over time. A healthy diet, quality skincare, and no smoking can also help.

In addition to preventing collagen loss, you can use skin rejuvenation treatments to increase collagen production. This can be beneficial preemptively or to help counteract volume loss. Treatments like microneedling and laser resurfacing trigger your body’s natural healing response to stimulate collagen production. These treatments can also target complexion concerns like hyperpigmentation.

If you’re bothered by facial volume loss, our expert team at Rapaport Plastic Surgery can help. While collagen-boosting treatments like microneedling can improve the cause of volume loss, cosmetic injectables offer a fast, convenient solution to refresh your appearance. Most patients can benefit from dermal fillers, PRP injections, or both to restore facial volume.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are gel-like injectables that fill in hollow areas and replace lost volume in the face. They can also smooth out wrinkles and enhance certain facial features, such as the cheekbones or lips. 

We offer several types of dermal and lip fillers at Rapaport Plastic Surgery, including hyaluronic acid fillers like RHA, Juvederm® and Restylane®. These fillers are highly customizable to your facial structure and aesthetic preferences. An injection procedure typically takes 45 minutes or less, requires little to no downtime, and yields immediate results.

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma

Your provider may recommend pairing dermal fillers with PRP, which stands for platelet-rich plasma. We combine PRP with an additive that exponentially increases the number of exosomes in the blood serum to create a SuperShot. This injectable is extracted from your blood. PRP and exosomes are rich in stem cells and growth factors. When injected into the skin, the SuperShot promotes healing and regeneration for smoother, more youthful skin. 

PRP can also be used on the scalp for hair restoration, as well as scar reduction and other skin treatments. Since it’s made from your blood, there’s little to no risk of an adverse reaction, and PRP injections have no downtime. 

Facial Fat Transfer

A fat transfer may be ideal for patients seeking a more permanent solution for facial volume loss. One of our board-certified surgeons will use liposuction on an area of the body with excess fat, such as the thighs or abdomen. They will purify the extracted fat and inject small amounts into the face where more volume is needed.

This has a similar effect as dermal fillers, but the results are more natural and long-lasting. Since fat grafting uses your own fat, there’s little to no risk of rejection. You can also enjoy the slimming benefits of liposuction on an area of unwanted fat. Not all the transferred fat will survive, but once you achieve your final results in a few months, these should be permanent.

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