Stem Cell Banking

If you’re planning to undergo liposuction or a similar fat-removal procedure, you have the opportunity to reap more benefits than just body contouring. Fat is rich in stem cells. If you’re having the fat removed anyway, why not put those stem cells to use?

Dr. Rapaport has teamed up with Forever Labs to offer stem cell banking. After a liposuction procedure at Rapaport Plastic Surgery, you can have your stem cells isolated from the removed fat and frozen at Forever Labs to save for future treatment.

Learn More About Stem Cell Banking

Simply put, stem cells are what all other cells stem from. They’re the raw materials for your body to make blood cells, nerve cells, bone cells, and more. Your body uses these building blocks to make more specialized cells when needed. These are the only cells in your body that can generate new cell types.

Since stem cells replace damaged or insufficient cells, they are essential to healing and defense against disease. Stem cells help repair tissue damaged by injury or illness, from spinal cord injuries to cancer. Consequently, stem cells have potential benefits for people with many different medical conditions. Research to incorporate these cells into regenerative medicine continues to advance.

Stem cells are gaining ground in cosmetic treatments as well. Like PRP injections, stem cells can promote skin regeneration, making them potentially beneficial for skin rejuvenation and hair restoration.

If you choose to use stem cell banking with a liposuction procedure, Forever Labs will freeze your young stem cells for later use. They will be cryogenically stored in an FDA-compliant, clinical-grade biorepository. You will have access to these stem cells whenever you need them for future therapies. With research on stem cell use continually advancing, patients may one day be able to use these saved stem cells for life-saving treatments.

Since the stem cells are taken from the fat you already have removed during liposuction, there is no additional inconvenience or downtime if you have them saved. Our team will simply ship the collected cells to Forever Labs for storage.

Stem cells age just like the rest of your body. Consequently, they are more powerful and effective when collected in a young adult than in an older patient. The benefit of stem cell banking is having your young, potent stem cells saved to use when you’re older and need them most.

While stem cells can be donated, and research is ongoing to grow them in a lab, stem cells are unique to your immunology, and using your own is safer and more effective than using a donor’s. Stem cell banking allows you to save your body’s incredible regenerative properties for future use.

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