Earlobe Repair

Some people use their earlobes as a canvas for self-expression. Ear piercings allow the individual to wear various earrings that accentuate their personality and style.

Others use ear gauging to stretch their earlobes and accommodate additional types of jewelry and accessories. However, they may later change their mind about this particular style. And those that frequently wear heavy earrings may find that their earlobes eventually stretch from the weight.

Age or injury can also change the earlobes in an unwanted way. Dr. Rapaport offers earlobe repair surgery for patients with stretched, torn, or split earlobes.

*Individual results may vary.

Learn More About Earlobe Repair

Earlobe repair procedures are performed to repair damaged or stretched earlobes resulting from accidents, injury, or wearing heavy earrings for a prolonged period.

Stretched and deformed earlobes from gauge piercings can also be repaired and restored to their former shape through earlobe repair. Sometimes, the effect of gravity over time leads to stretched earlobes. This can also be improved, reducing droopiness and restoring a youthful look.

If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of a stretched, enlarged, or fully or partially torn earlobe, you are likely a candidate for an earlobe repair procedure. You may have one or both earlobes treated.

The specific technique Dr. Rapaport uses to repair and reconstruct your torn earlobes depends on the extent and complexity of your earlobe damage. In most cases, Dr. Rapaport first removes any scar tissue from the split or stretched piercing that would otherwise prevent the repaired earlobe from healing correctly. This is essential for a smooth, aesthetically pleasing earlobe after recovery. Once the scar tissue is removed, Dr. Rapaport uses fine stitches to close the earlobe.

During an earlobe repair, Dr. Rapaport first injects the stretched or torn earlobe with a local anesthetic to numb the area. IV sedation is not typically necessary unless the patient prefers it or is having an additional procedure performed simultaneously, such as rhinoplasty or blepharoplasty.

Earlobe repair surgery is a simple procedure that takes between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on the number of piercings to repair and the extent of damage to the earlobe. Dr. Rapaport almost always performs earlobe repair surgery in his Manhattan plastic surgery office’s fully accredited onsite surgical suite.

Recovery following an earlobe repair is simple and straightforward. On the day of your earlobe repair surgery, you will go home with a small piece of gauze covering the repaired area. After the first day, you do not need to continue covering the area with gauze, but you should keep the repaired site clean and apply triple antibiotic ointment daily.

Dr. Rapaport will advise you not to sleep on your ears or place any pressure on the repaired area until the sutures are removed about one week after your earlobe repair surgery. You can resume normal exercise and activity almost immediately after your earlobe repair procedure. While it is okay to shower 24 hours after your repair, you are advised not to submerge the surgical site in a bath or swimming pool until a few days after your sutures are removed.

Some swelling and bruising may initially obscure the results of your procedure. Soon, you’ll enjoy smooth earlobes restored to a more pleasing shape and size. Optimal results are visible once the area heals fully.

Some patients wish to have regular piercings after closing enlarged holes from gauging or heavy earrings. Dr. Rapaport can safely re-pierce your ears four to six weeks after the earlobe repair procedure.

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