Invisible Breast Augmentation Scars? Close But Not Quite, Says Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. David Rapaport

May 26, 2021

When NewBeauty magazine needed the professional opinion of the nation’s top breast experts, they reached out to specialists like 27-year professional New York City double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Rapaport.

Providing expert insight into what might be critical takeaways from Hollywood celebrities who have had or have been rumored to have breast augmentation, NewBeauty chronicled 11 famous actresses from Jaime Pressly to Gwen Stefani and Kate Hudson to Christina Aguilera.

Christina Aguilera is rumored to have undergone what’s technically known as a “transaxillary endoscopic breast augmentation,” wherein saline or silicone implants are set in place through an incision made in the armpits, rather than anywhere on the breasts themselves, thus entirely avoiding any breast scars or evidence of augmentation. “The primary option for enlarging the breasts if one doesn’t want a visible scar is to go through the armpit,” Dr. David Rapaport, M.D. FACS told NewBeauty.

But, does this or any other breast augmentation technique prevent scarring altogether and entirely? And is there any truth to “non-scarring” or “invisible scarring” regarding breast augmentation? Well, close, but not exactly.

Providers who say so maybe overpromising. Every time an incision is made into the body, a scar will form. Of course, across the spectrum of plastic surgeons, from most minor to most experienced, scarring will be dramatically different, with great surgeons being able to make nearly invisible scars. That qualifier, essentially, is a crucial point to convey to potential patients. “No one can guarantee how a scar is going to look, and the phrase ‘invisible scar’ is an unrealistic concept,” says Dr. Rapaport.

”They may not be obvious, but you can expect at a minimum a pink line for a few months that will change to a white line forever.”Plastic surgeons who recognize, acknowledge, and operate from this understanding are most likely to produce those nearly invisible scars, and an online gallery of past breast augmentation results is often the best place to vet your surgeon of choice.

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