Dr. Rapaport is Volunteering in a COVID Ward at Bellevue Hospital

April 14, 2020

After his Plastic Surgery Practice was ordered to close its physical doors (as part of New York State’s COVID-19 guidelines), Dr. David P. Rapaport wanted to put his skills and expertise to clinical use in the viral war our nation is facing. Dr. Rapaport sent in an application to volunteer as a healthcare professional through the Medical Reserve Corps over two weeks ago.  This past weekend his request to volunteer was answered; he was assigned to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, NYC.

Dr. Rapaport began orientation the day after receiving his hospital assignment (i.e. this past Sunday), which consisted of online training courses (for managing COVID-19 patients), as well as obtaining his scrubs and ID card at the hospital.   Yesterday, orientation continued, and he met the other volunteers with whom he would be working with.

Dr. Rapaport began working with COVID-19 patients today.  He is working daily from 7 am-7 pm (12 hours shifts), with a team of anesthesiologists, who have volunteered from all over the country.  They are part of the “phlebotomy team”, conducting blood draws, inserting IVs, and monitoring vitals.  Dr. Rapaport and his team are also considered “Attendings”, overseeing the interns and first-year residents who are actively managing the COVID-19 patients on their ward. 

Dr. Rapaport Volunteering During COVID-19 Quarantine

Dr. Rapaport reports that the patients he’s been caring for are very sick, and although not in the ICU, could easily deteriorate. Conditions can, and often do, change hour to hour in each patient. Many patients are struggling with high fevers, kidney problems, and symptoms of shock.