Dr. David P. Rapaport, Featured On The IDEAL Factor

March 24, 2022

Dr. Rapaport was featured on the IDEAL Factor, a podcast hosted by Dr. Robert Hamas, a 37-year plastic surgeon and founder/CEO of Ideal Implant, and Gabe Walters, VP of Sales for Ideal Implant, who has spent his career working for pharma and plastic surgery manufacturers. On their podcast, they engage in real, authentic conversations with recognized plastic surgeons such as Dr. Rapaport on a variety of topics in the field of plastic surgery, specifically breast augmentation.

Dr. David P. Rapaport was featured on the IDEAL Factor, a podcast hosted by Dr. Robert Hamas & Gabe Walters. Dr. Hamas is a 37-year plastic surgeon & founder/CEO of Ideal Implant. Dr. Gabe Walters is the VP of Sales for Ideal Implant, who has spent his career working for pharma and plastic surgery manufacturers.

A Conversation Amongst Professionals at The Top of Their Field

As they noted in their introduction of Dr. David P. Rapaport:

Thriving as a plastic surgeon in New York City has required a constant pursuit of technique excellence. Listen to Dr. David P. Rapaport reveal how the vibe of the city moves him and how his mastery of No-Breast-Scar Augmentation has him sitting a-top of the Plastic Surgeon profession.

As a preferred surgeon of the Ideal Implant, Dr. David P. Rapaport is the perfect candidate to discuss how the implant remains safe & innovative while providing a natural look and feel. Dr. Hamas & Dr. Rapaport continue to discuss different types of breast implants, especially the fact that saline implants are a far safer choice. Dr. Rapaport mentions “There are only plusses with the Ideal (Implant); I don’t see minuses.” He went on to talk about how Ideal implants have the lowest rupture rate and his surgical approach. Dr. Rapaport also mentioned that with Ideal Implants, you have peace of mind knowing there is no rupture simply by looking in the mirror.

He said, “You want to keep what goes into your body as simple as possible, and the Ideal Implant has the beauty of being a sophisticated device from an engineering point of view, but what goes into your body, it’s just a silicone shell and some saline fill. It’s much more natural.”

In the case of an implant rupture (very rare for Ideal Implants), saline implants are far safer, as saline is completely harmless. On the other hand, silicone implants pose more risks and can expose the body to the silicone gel, which can leak out unnoticed over a period of time into the breast cavity.

Dr. David P. Rapaport’s No-Breast-Scar Augmentation

Dr. David P. Rapaport is passionate about the option of not having a scar on your breast. His “No-Breast-Scar Augmentation” approach with the Ideal Implant avoids any incisions in or around the breasts. Instead, he makes a small incision in the natural folds of skin, such as the underarm. Using an endoscope, he places the empty Ideal Implant properly into the breast pocket. He then carefully fills the implant with safe, sterile saline to achieve the right volume, shape, and symmetry.
With this approach, his patients are left without any breast scar, achieving beautiful, flawless breasts that look and feel natural. On the very small chance that there might be a rupture, the implant can be replaced with the same method, through the underarm.

Your Top Breast Surgeon, Dr. David P. Rapaport

Dr. David P. Rapaport began the study of medicine at Boston University’s 6-year medical program at age 16 before transferring to Israel’s Tel Aviv University, where he earned his medical degree. He trained in General Surgery at Boston’s Beth Israel Hospital, a major teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, where he served as Chief Resident. He then did his Plastic Surgery training at the New York University’s Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. There too, he was appointed Executive Chief Resident. With such prestigious training, Dr. Rapaport is one of the most respected & sought-after breast surgeons in New York. He was one of the first surgeons to incorporate Ideal Implant into his practice. Dr. Rapaport performs breast procedures at his fully accredited surgical suite at 905 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York.