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Mole removal is a fast and easy surgical process.  Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, David P. Rapaport uses  local anaesthetic to minimize discomfort during the mole removal process.  This surgery is very common and the plastic surgeon sees patients at his Manhattan, New York office weekly who request to have their moles removed.  The advantage of seeking a plastic surgeon to remove your mole is the minimization of any potential scar.

The Board Certified Plastic Surgeon has vast experience in treating cancers of the skin, particularly in malignant melanoma.  This makes him an ideal specialist for the treatment of moles, as he has a keen eye for abnormal moles which can be precursors of skin cancer, including melanoma.

Most moles are benign or non-cancerous. But because a mole can be a cancerous growth, it is always best to get medical advice if you notice a mole that suddenly changes in size, shape or color, bleeds, itches or becomes painful.

Different Types of Moles and Their Characteristics:

Skin Tags- are small skin growths that may have a small narrow stalk. They are usually skin colored or occasionally darker in color, and usually painless.

Raised Moles- These can be a variety of colors and run deeper than flat moles.

Flat Moles- any dark spot or irregularity in the skin.

The surgery and the recovery of mole removal is simple. If the mole has been excised, stitches will be left in for approximately one week. If the mole has been shaved there will usually be a scab that forms, and can take a week before it falls off. Once the scab comes off the area is usually reddish. It can take several weeks before the normal skin color returns. The area should be kept clean and protected from the sun with a good sunblock.

The mole removal surgery generally takes less than half an hour and is performed on site in Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, David P. Rapaport's Manhattan, New York surgical facility.

If you have questions concerning mole removal or would like to schedule a consultation with the Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, please phone David P. Rapaport's Manhattan, New York Plastic Surgery office at 212.249.9955 or email the NYC Plastic Surgeon at


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