Cellulite affects a significant proportion of women, with estimates suggesting that up to 90% of adult women have this condition and find it bothersome. That’s why board-certified surgeon Dr. David Rapaport and his team offer effective treatments that can safely reduce the appearance of cellulite after just one treatment.

Though cellulite is harmless, many people dislike the way it looks. Cellulite is caused by fibrous bands of connective tissue called septa, which pull down on the skin and create dimples. Beneath the fibrous bands lies a layer of fat that typically resides directly under the skin. If this fatty layer expands, it pushes against the septa, which can exacerbate the dimpling. Cellulite dimples are not limited to dots; they can also manifest as lines or bumps on the skin. As we age, skin elasticity decreases, leading to a greater risk of cellulite formation. Genetics, activity levels, and skin thickness can also contribute to cellulite.

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Cellulite is sometimes associated with excess fat, but it affects healthy, thin individuals as well. It may be more noticeable in overweight individuals because the fat pushes the septa against the skin. Generally, patients at a healthy weight with good skin elasticity will see the greatest improvement from cellulite treatments like Aveli™.

If you are also struggling with stubborn fat and skin laxity, we will likely recommend additional treatments to address these concerns. Dr. Rapaport often pairs liposuction and BodyTite to provide fat reduction and skin tightening. Part of our approach at Rapaport Plastic Surgery is taking the time to conduct a detailed consultation and evaluating the patient’s goals, concerns, medical history, and lifestyle to craft a customized treatment plan.

Aveli™ works by releasing the fibrous bands that cause cellulite. Once the septa are released, they no longer pull on the skin, allowing the dimples to smooth out. While multiple cellulite treatments use this method of severing the septa to release tension, Aveli™ is unique in its precision. It allows the provider to locate each septae causing a dimple and cut it without affecting the rest of the septa. This precise targeting minimizes unnecessary damage to surrounding tissue.

The treatment typically requires only two to four small incisions to target all of the cellulite dimples in the treatment area, and the incision is hidden in the crease under the buttocks or over an existing scar or stretch mark. The Aveli™ device allows surgeons to manually cut the septa and release the fibrous bands that pull down on the skin’s surface, leading to visible, long-lasting improvements in skin smoothness while decreasing the appearance of cellulite. However, we also offer RESONIC™ cellulite treatments for patients seeking a non-invasive option.

Your Aveli™ procedure will be performed with local anesthesia to ensure your comfort. First, we will carefully mark each dimple to be targeted since they will not be as visible once you lie down. Once you are comfortably situated and the local anesthesia has taken effect, one of our surgeons will make an incision to insert the Aveli™ device under the skin, which will then deploy a small hook. The hook allows your surgeon to locate the septa that are causing dimples. 

Next, he will use a retractable blade on the device to carefully cut the septa, releasing their tension on the skin. Dr. Rapaport will then return to the same area with the hook to confirm that he has successfully released the targeted dimple or line. 
Including the time for the local anesthesia, the entire in-office procedure takes approximately one hour. If you are treating multiple spots of cellulite, it may take up to two hours.

Aveli™ is FDA-cleared for the treatment of cellulite on the buttocks and thighs, is minimally invasive, and requires no general anesthesia, leading to minimal downtime. Mild bruising, soreness, and swelling are normal. Patients can resume most activities within a day or two but should avoid strenuous exercise for at least a week. Any discomfort should be manageable with over-the-counter pain medication for a few days. Compared to other subcision techniques for cellulite, the precision of Aveli™ results in fewer side effects and less discomfort.

Dr. Rapaport and his team have extensive knowledge and experience in body contouring and cellulite reduction. After just one treatment with Aveli™, you can expect a significant, lasting reduction in the appearance of your cellulite. Most patients see smoother skin within two weeks of their procedure and optimal results in approximately three months when any swelling subsides.

Aveli™ cellulite reduction is often combined with liposuction for better results that are more cost-effective and minimize overall recovery time. Alternatively, patients seeking a non-surgical body contouring option to improve their cellulite treatment results may benefit from CoolSculpting®. Our team offers several options with the most advanced technology and customizes every treatment to the patient’s unique needs. Dr. Rapaport has a reputation for providing the best results in the New York area, and patients can trust his careful eye for aesthetic balance and artistic harmony.

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