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Are you bothered by sweating in your underarm? Does wetness in the armpit on your shirt or blouse make you uncomfortable at work or in social situations? Do you find the underarm odor to be a problem, especially late in a busy day? Are you tired of dry cleaning bills related to odor and stains, and even needing to throw away shirts with armpit stains? Are you concerned about the long term safety of chemical deoderants including aluminum? If you are answering yes more often than you like, then it may be time to consider Miradry in NYC.

Miradry NYC | Miradry in New York City

What is Miradry?

Recently, the FDA cleared the first safe, effective, non-invasive, lasting treatment for excessive underarm sweat called Miradry. This quick, no-downtime procedure can be performed on one’s lunch break and brings about rapid, life-changing results.

Sweat glands in the underarms are eradicated using innovative technology that allows energy pulses to be focused under the surface of the skin, where the glands producing sweat and odor reside. NYC Miradry is an ideal alternative to deodorants, which are temporary and not always effective, and neurotoxins (like Botox or Dysport), which can be quite uncomfortable, are expensive, and last only several months.

How does it work?

Patients receive an injection of numbing medication into the treatment area so they remain comfortable at all times during the procedure. A specially-designed handheld device is then used to deliver powerful, focused waves of energy, destroying sweat glands through the process of thermolysis, or heat-based elimination.

Once treated, these sweats glands do not regenerate, making Miradry a lasting solution to underarm sweating. Since the body has many other sweat glands to release moisture (only 2% are in the underarm area), you can still exercise and perspire regularly – just no longer from your armpits.

Miradry NYC | Miradry in New York City

Advantages of Miradry include:

  • Lasting solution to underarm sweating
  • Lasting solution to underarm odor
  • Safe, effective and FDA-cleared
  • Short, in-office procedure
  • Little-to-no downtime / discomfort
  • Non-surgical and no scars
  • Eliminate safety concerns associated with chemical-based deodorants
  • 80% of patients need only 1 session
  • Clinical studies show high percentage of patient satisfaction

Miradry and Hyperhydrosis

Did you know that there is a medical name for excessive sweating? If you suffer from the ailment hyperhidrosis, you may be pleased to learn there is a new and exciting solution to this troublesome condition when it occurs in the underarm.

Excessive sweating happens when the glands that are supposed to regulate body temperature grow overactive. This can happen during the daytime or in the evening, and in several different parts of the body, from the armpits to the face, hands or feet. Hyperhidrosis can cause significant discomfort, embarrassment and frustration, as it tends to manifest during normal social and professional situations when we would much rather remain dry and confident.

Excessive sweating has a few different causes. In many cases, it is simply genetic, passed down the family tree and showing up in adolescence for the first time. In other situations, it may be a reaction to a health issue like an endocrine disorder, an infection, a spinal cord problem or a neurological deficiency.

Who is a good candidate for Miradry?

Any adult woman or man in reasonable general health who understands the nature of miraDry treatment and wants to eliminate underarm odor and wetness is a potential candidate for miraDry treatment.

How are the results for Miradry?

Results with Miradry are powerful and immediate. Once the sweat glands are removed, they do not grow back. Thus, excessive underarm sweat becomes a thing of the past. Although Miradry will be effective after just one session in 80% of patients, outcomes do vary from client to client and a second treatment may be required in 20% of cases.

What is the recovery for Miradry?

There is almost zero downtime with Miradry. Most clients return to work and normal activities in the same 24-hour period as their treatment, although vigorous exercise should be postponed for 1-3 days. The day after the procedure, some discomfort may be present. For this reason, Dr. Rapaport offers long-acting local anesthesia to nearly completely eliminate this discomfort. Some swelling in the armpits is normal and should subside within 2-3 weeks on average. Occasionally patients will feel tingling or numbness in the underarms as well, but these symptoms too will resolve shortly. There may be some lumps or bumps in the armpits after the procedure, but these too generally disappear in 4-6 weeks.

Why choose Dr. Rapaport for Miradry treatment?

Dr. Rapaport is passionate about providing his patients with the most groundbreaking and innovative treatments in the industry. To this end, he is constantly attending seminars, networking events and conferences in his field, always one step ahead of the curve. This dedication to advancement in cosmetic science has earned his practice a reputation for niche solutions to unique ailments, such as hyperhidrosis. Further, Dr. Rapaport is devoted to providing the least invasive treatments possible, minimizing risks, downtime and discomfort at every opportunity. As an expert in numbing techniques, you can be assured that your procedure will be performed in as smooth, efficient and pain-free manner as possible.

Dr. Rapaport is chosen just as often for his compassionate, approachable demeanors as much as for his outstanding skill as a surgeon, and in the case of dealing with the embarrassment of excessive underarm sweating, this quality can make a huge difference. You will find that your confidential consultation is an informative time when you can really get to know the doctor and ask as many questions as you like about the procedure. Most patients feel all their anxiety melt once in the presence of Dr. Rapaport.

Where does treatment take place?

Our New York Miradry procedure is performed in Dr. Rapaport’s premier on-site outpatient facility, which is fully accredited and offers more discretion and convenience than a local hospital. From our reception areas to our surgical theater, Dr. Rapaport’s facility is not only immaculate, but is also aesthetically pleasing and relaxing.

Our facility is outfitted with all the latest technology and top-tier medical equipment, and is staffed by a winning team of industry professionals who are on hand to make your stay as pleasant and rewarding as possible. We aim to go above and beyond for our clients, so if there is ever anything extra that you require, do not hesitate to ask.

Will There Be Compensatory Sweating After Treatment?

No. Since the underarms contain only 2% of our body's total sweat glands, patients do not experience an increase in sweat production in other areas of the body. The body's natural temperature control is also not effected.

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