Tummy Tuck–Pros and Cons

March 17, 2022

If you’re looking to achieve a flat, contoured abdominal area and a shapely waistline, you might
be considering a tummy tuck surgery to reduce sagging skin and unwanted fat pockets. What
are the pros and cons of this popular procedure?

*Individual Results May Vary

The Pros

There are quite a few advantages and benefits to the tummy tuck procedure for patients who have lost significant weight or have had children.

  • A slimmer waistline: Your waistline can be contoured and tightened by removing excess skin and some fat to help achieve the hourglass look for women or a firm, tight appearance for men.
  • A flat, tight abdomen: Belly begone! A tummy tuck provides a flatter, firmer, tight abdomen by removing excess sagging skin and a small amount of unwanted fat.
  • Tighter abdominal muscles: Sutures are used to repair and tighten weak or separated abdominal muscles, which corrects belly protrusion.
  • No more stretch marks: Stretch marks on the skin of the lower stomach are eliminated with a tummy tuck procedure.
  • Reduced scarring: A tummy tuck can include remodeling and improving the appearance of a C-section scar.
  • Better, more attractive fit in clothing: After a tummy tuck, your clothes fit better–there’s no more bulging to worry about in the abdominal area.
  • Functional improvement: A tummy tuck can improve medical concerns, such as urinary incontinence or lower back pain.
  • More confidence and self-esteem: A tummy tuck allows you to feel more free and confident when it comes to swimsuit season, intimate moments, or simply putting on that outfit you felt you never could before.

The Cons

Like every surgical procedure, the tummy tuck includes some cons.

  • Downtime: A tummy tuck is a significant surgical procedure. It requires 2-3 weeks off work to recover, although some patients can do some sedentary work after about a week.
  • Puts a hold on exercise for weeks: Low impact, mild aerobic exercise, which does not strain abdominal muscles, or the abdominal skin can resume at three weeks, but intense and core exercises cannot resume for six weeks.
  • Swelling and settling period: The results will take time to appear. It can take several months before the swelling and settling period fully completes and you can see the full results of your procedure.
  • Scarring: At the underwear line, on your lower abdomen, there will be a scar. We can help with treatments to improve the appearance of this scar, and it is well concealed where it is.
  • A tummy tuck isn’t covered by insurance: Unless it’s deemed medically necessary, insurance won’t cover the cost of your tummy tuck.
  • You’ll need to maintain your weight to ensure the longevity of your results: Significant weight gain or pregnancy can negatively influence the overall result, in some cases requiring a follow up procedure.

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