How To Tighten Skin Without Surgery

November 30, 2022

If you think your skin laxity can only be treated with surgery, we have good news! Non-surgical skin tightening can provide excellent results for the right candidate. We customize your treatment plan to address your skin’s unique characteristics. 

Do I Need Surgery to Tighten My Skin?

While surgery remains the gold standard for tightening skin, there are now new technologies that offer visible results for people who wish to experience non-surgical skin tightening. Surgery will probably always be the gold standard for skin tightening, the same way a tailor is a gold standard for tightening and fitting your clothing. However, those with less skin laxity, especially people in their twenties, thirties, and early forties, and reasonable expectations can greatly benefit from non-surgical methods. 

How to Tighten Skin Without Surgery

Tightening skin without surgery usually involves delivering energy to the treatment area in order to heat the tissue in different ways, causing new collagen to form and the skin to tighten. Morpheus8 transfers energy into the skin with microneedles, while BodyTite and related treatments transfer energy from beneath the skin to the surface. Some treatment options can also remodel the fat layer under the skin for improved definition and shape. Our non-surgical skin-tightening options include:


Morpheus8 is a powerful form of microneedling that uses RF energy. The tiny, partially insulated needles create channels in the skin and deliver RF energy into the deep layers of the skin. This process triggers collagen production and tightens the skin for a smoother, firmer appearance. Morpheus8 can also produce some breakdown of fat cells, so treatment should be customized to avoid removing fat in areas where you want to keep it. 

The “Trifecta”

The “Trifecta” is one of Rapaport Plastic Surgery’s signature procedures. It combines FaceTite, liposuction, and Morpheus8 to tighten and shape your features. The most common location for this procedure is in the neck and jowl area, but it can be used in many other areas. The combination provides maximum skin tightening as well as fat removal. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Non-Surgical Skin Tightening?

People with mild to moderate skin laxity tend to be the best non-surgical skin tightening candidates. Ideal candidates are in overall good health and understand that these procedures will not produce the same results as a surgical procedure. Your plastic surgeon works with you to develop a plan you feel comfortable with and they feel is achievable. 

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