Fat Transfers for the Face, Body, and Breasts

January 7, 2020

Fat transfer is a natural way to add volume to the face, body, and breasts. Your own fat cells are recognized by your body when transferred to enhance another body area. Dr. Rapaport offers advanced fat transfer techniques for:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Restore lost facial volume
  • Enhance buttock lift and volume
  • Restore volume on backs of hands

Facial fat transfer

If you are looking for a solution for facial volume loss that lasts, consider fat transfer as an option. Subtle volume can be restored to sunken cheeks, fill sunken areas beneath the eyes, at the temples, smooth facial folds and wrinkles, or to enhance lip volume.

Natural breast augmentation

You may have dreamed of enhancing your breasts but hesitate to put any synthetic implant into your body. Fat transfer can be performed to add subtle volume to your breasts – with fat cells harvested from your body. The procedure involves the gentle extraction of fat from the abdomen, flanks (love handles), thighs, or buttocks, purified, and then carefully injected to enhance breast volume. This procedure adds natural breast volume.

How does it work?

Natural fat transfer, or autologous fat transfer, is the natural way to restore lost volume. The process involves gentle liposuction to harvest fat cells from an area with an excess. Once harvested, the fat cells are prepared for injection through a cleansing and purifying process and then injected into the area of your face or body that has lost volume. The areas treated are enhanced with natural, soft volume, with no surgery required. The fat cells become established in the new area, growing naturally, for long-term volume enhancement.

What to expect with natural fat transfer?

Some of the fat cells will be absorbed by your body in the six weeks following the procedure. To achieve the enhancement you envision, the area will be slightly overfilled. You should plan on taking about a week to ten days for recovery so any residual swelling can subside. The results are visible within days of the treatment. Resting and following all aftercare instructions will make it possible for more of the fat cells to become established.

Added benefits of natural fat transfer

The benefits of fat transfer go beyond adding volume to your hands, face, or breasts. The area from which the fat cells are harvested is slimmer and more sculpted, and the high numbers of stem cells in fatty tissue help to enhance and rejuvenate skin quality.

Why choose Dr. Rapaport for natural fat transfer?

Dr. David P. Rapaport is regarded as being among the most dedicated, talented board-certified plastic surgeons practicing in New York. He is a consummate professional who excelled throughout his education, is a Harvard Medical School Clinical Fellow was chosen to serve as an assistant professor in the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of South Florida College of Medicine. His dedication to the art and science of plastic surgery has driven his professional career, and he is responsible for pioneering endoscopic and minimal incision breast surgery. His private, luxury New York plastic surgery clinic is fully accredited, located on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Contact us today!