Dr. Rapaport: Pioneer of the Endoscopic Breast Augmentation Approach

April 19, 2019

Like all surgical procedures, the decision to have breast augmentation can be filled with anxiety. One of the greatest sources of anxiety for women is the degree to which they will be left with visible scars after the procedure. Will the scars be noticeable? How will they look? Will they leave me feeling unhappy about my decision?

As a pioneer in his field, Dr. David P. Rapaport understands this anxiety and has led the way in creating a groundbreaking method of breast augmentation: endoscopic breast augmentation.


What is the endoscopic breast augmentation procedure?

Dr. Rapaport’s revolutionary technique is performed by placing a small incision under the arm and guided by magnified endoscopic visualization. This gives him the ability to be far more precise in creating incisions and placement of the implant than more traditional methods.


How is this different from traditional breast augmentation?

Traditional breast augmentation surgery is performed through an incision that runs along the underside of the breast or around the areolae. These techniques will leave a visible scar, with some risk of separating the pectoralis muscle group, increasing recovery time and the risk of complications in implant placement.


Is endoscopic breast augmentation more beneficial than traditional procedures?

In Dr. Rapaport’s expert opinion, yes! As a pioneer of this technique, women come from across the United States and the world to have Dr. Rapaport perform his endoscopic breast augmentation technique so they can enhance breast size with results that are virtually scar-free.

The endoscopic method of breast augmentation produces beautiful, natural-looking breasts without the need for long incisions. Additionally, choosing the endoscopic approach presents you with a reduced risk of complications when measured against traditional breast augmentation procedures.


Fewer scars = greater self-confidence.

Dr. Rapaport has been performing endoscopic breast augmentation for more than 25 years with great success. Women around the globe have sought his care and guidance when planning to undergo breast enhancement surgery. Knowing that your procedure not produce long visible scars in your breast crease, or around your nipples as is normal with traditional techniques can set your mind at ease, free from concerns about how your breasts will look after surgery.


What are the benefits of endoscopic breast augmentation?

Choosing the endoscopic approach to breast augmentation has several critical benefits including:

  • Natural looking enhancement
  • No unsightly scars
  • Reduced risk of capsular contracture
  • Enhanced mammogram imaging clarity
  • Increased self-esteem


Why choose Rapaport Plastic Surgery for my breast augmentation?

No one in the New York area has performed more breast augmentations using the endoscopic approach than Dr. David P. Rapaport. His reputation for excellence in breast augmentation includes the fact that he was a pioneer of this innovative technique, designed with a higher level of patient satisfaction in mind.

When deciding to have breast augmentation, the most important decision you will make is selecting a surgeon who offers advanced surgical skills and techniques. With breast augmentation performed by Dr. Rapaport, you can be confident you are under the care of a leading breast surgeon who has perfected the endoscopic breast enhancement technique, along with an artist’s eye for symmetry and balance. Contact us today!