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Earlope Repair Plastic Surgery

Torn earlobes are one of the most common problems affecting people with pierced ears.  Ear pierced holes may simply become too large over time; or the hole may tear resulting in a full or partial split in the earlobe.  Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, David P. Rapaport, MD will perform a simple earlobe repair plastic surgery on-site at his Manhattan, New York surgical facility.  This safe and simple surgery takes 30 to 60 minutes, under a local anesthesia and is painless. The doctor can also re-pierce the ears about 4 to 6 weeks after the procedure.

If you have questions concerning earlobe repair plastic surgery, or would like to schedule a consultation with the Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, please phone David P. Rapaport's Manhattan, New York Plastic Surgery office at 212.249.9955 or email the NYC Plastic Surgeon at

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