Why Our Office Is THE Place for NYC Body Contouring

NYC Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rapaport’s Office Is the Place for Body Contouring
Serving clients throughout New York City, Dr. David Rapaport’s private practice on 5th Avenue is your resource for the finest cosmetic plastic surgery services for cutting edge non-invasive as well as surgical body contouring. From CoolSculpting, which has become the gold standard in noninvasive fat reduction technology, to custom-performed cellulite correction with Cellfina and liposuction under gentle IV sedation, our office has truly become the place in NYC for body contouring of all kinds.

What Makes Us THE Office for NYC Body Contouring
Not only is David P. Rapaport, MD an award-winning plastic surgeon, but our office is acknowledged for providing the most cutting-edge services for reducing fat on the body. Here are some of the reasons we’re the place to come to for body contouring treatments:

Thorough Assessments for Each Patient. Each patient who comes to our office receives a thorough and honest assessment of his or her problem areas and potential treatment options. Additionally, unlike Medspas, you are evaluated and have your treatments overseen by a board certified, true body contouring expert, David P. Rapaport, MD.
Got cellulite? Consider Cellfina. Coolspa is proud to be one of the first practices in NYC to adopt Cellfina, the new FDA-cleared technology that effectively reduces the appearance of cellulite in a one-hour procedure. With demonstrated results proven to last at least 2 years in 96% of patients, Cellfina may be for you, alone or added to a fat reduction procedure.
New Addition of SculpSure. We’ve recently added Sculpsure treatments to our procedure options. A new noninvasive fat-reducing technology approved by the FDA, Sculpsure by Coolspa is a laser treatment designed to get rid of stubborn fat from the body. While similar to CoolSculpting, this procedure uses smaller, flat, rather than suction-based, applicators, in order to treat less pinchable fat and be accessible to areas on the body where CoolSculpting may not be ideally suited.

Learn More about Our Liposuction, CoolSculpting and Cellfina Treatments

Our comprehensive selection of fat-reducing procedures includes the leading treatment options in the industry, from liposuction and CoolSculpting to the newly introduced Cellfina cellulite reduction technology, all in our Manhattan, New York office.

Liposuction: Designed to provide customized, immediate body contouring, unlike what a machine can provide; liposuction remains to be the gold standard in cosmetic fat-reducing procedures. At our NYC office, David P. Rapaport, MD’s version of liposuction involves a light, “twilight” anesthesia, produces minimal scars, and requires minimal downtime. In fact, over 90% of our patients can have liposuction on Friday, be back to work by Monday, and go to the gym that same week!
CoolSculpting by CoolSpa: This noninvasive treatment utilizes cooling technology (“cryolipolysis”) to get rid of unwanted fat. It is an established and proven leading technology for noninvasive fat reduction on the body. Safe and effective at freezing fat cells in order to sculpt the body, this treatment may involve one- to three-hour sessions with little to no downtime and minimal discomfort.
Cellfina: Our office recently introduced Cellfina, the first cellulite reduction treatment that provides results that have been shown to be durable over time! Each Cellfina treatment is minimally invasive, takes about an hour and leaves patients ready to resume regular activities the next day.

To learn more about our plastic surgery procedures and nonsurgical cosmetic options offered at our New York office, to be seen by N.Y. Plastic Surgeon David Rapaport, or to inquire about one of the treatment options listed above, contact our office today!