Medical Assistant Reunion

May 28, 2020

Last week, Dr. Rapaport hosted a virtual get together for his past, current, and future medical assistants. With near-perfect attendance, the group of MAs got together to chat about their time in the office, share what they were up to, and discuss the work some of them are doing on the frontlines in Emergency Departments and COVID wards.

For nearly ten years, Dr. Rapaport has been hiring gap year students to fill the medical assistant role in his office. Each spring, he hires one or two MAs to work with and learn from him. These new college graduates are all pursuing a career in medicine to some capacity, whether applying to medical or PA school.

Through their role in the office, the MAs are given an unparalleled gap year experience. Their responsibilities in the office, pre and postoperatively, and in the operating room introduce these medical school hopefuls to surgery, medicine, and high-quality patient care. Through hiring these intelligent and motivated future MDs and PAs, Dr. Rapaport knows that his patients are going to be given quality care. He is also able to give back to the community. The medical education system is based in mentorship – through each step in medical education, a portion of the focus becomes educating those who will succeed you. Dr. Rapaport embraces this, even though practicing outside of academia, by doing his part to educate and mentor the next generation of health care professionals.

It is clear that the MAs value their experience at Dr. Rapaport’s office, and it has a positive impact on their future careers. From their year at the office, MAs have gone on to top medical schools, PA programs, and residency programs. Currently, prior MAs are in medical school, PA school, starting residency in OB/GYN and internal medicine, and in the midst of their residencies in emergency medicine and ophthalmology, (to name a few). Those in their residencies have been working tirelessly in COVID wards and overrun Emergency departments in New York. We are proud of the success prior MAs have had and the work that they are doing! We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them and what they will accomplish!