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Liposuction remains the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedure in the United States today.  Liposuction is also one of the most popular procedures performed by the Manhattan, New York Plastic Surgeon. The NYC Liposuction Plastic Surgeon has been performing liposuction for over 20 years. When liposuction is performed by an experienced Board Certified plastic surgeon it is also among the safest and most satisfying procedures. Patients from across the country seek out the Manhattan Liposuction Plastic Surgeon, David P. Rapaport, MD to perform their liposuction procedure.

New Technologies in Liposuction and Body Contouring
The newest technology in Liposuction uses a different form of energy applied to the tissues, this being called bipolar radiofrequency. This form of Liposuction is called Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction, or RFAL, with the only company currently in the field calling it BodyTite...

The NYC Liposuction states that liposuction is the only proven method to produce permanent spot reduction and contour improvement in areas affected by excess fatty deposits. Liposuction is not, however, an appropriate method for achieving weight loss, although it can, and often does, help motivate patients to improve their diet and exercise patterns postoperatively.

In women, liposuction is most commonly performed to treat saddlebags (outer thighs), hips, and the abdomen. Inner thighs, circumferential thighs, knees, arms and calves can also be treated by the Manhattan Liposuction Plastic Surgeon. More often than not, patients choose to have two or more areas treated during one procedure. In men, "love-handles" (lower flanks), the lower abdomen and chest are treated most commonly.

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The Manhattan Liposuction Surgeon, New York Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, David P. Rapaport, MD performs all liposuction using the tumescent technique. The tumescent technique of liposuction has become, according to most experts, the new gold standard in liposuction. This liposuction technique involves the injection of a dilute solution of lidocaine (a local anesthetic) and epinephrine (a drug which controls bleeding) prior to performing the actual suctioning of the fatty tissue. The suctioning is performed using a 3 to 4 millimeter cannula (metallic rod) inserted via a tiny puncture in the skin. This technique effectively reduces blood loss, allows for increased fat removal and improved sculpting, and speeds recovery. Most of the plastic surgeon's patients return to work within 3 days following their procedure.

Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction (UAL) involves using a cannula (metal rod) which vibrates at ultrahigh frequency and actually causes fat cells to melt. The liquefied fat is then removed with regular liposuction cannulas. UAL is particularly useful in situations where the area treated is more dense, such as male breasts, or where relatively higher volumes of fat are to be removed. The Manhattan, New York Plastic Surgeon has extensive experience with UAL and utilizes it when he feels it will benefit his  NYC patients.

If you have questions concerning liposuction plastic surgery, or would like to schedule a liposuction consultation with the Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, please phone David P. Rapaport's Manhattan, New York Plastic Surgery office at 212.249.9955 or email the NYC Plastic Surgeon at info@drrapaport.com.


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